Making index DAO creation and inclusion simple and straightforward for any cryptocurrency.

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Customized Index Sets

Running your own index has never been easier. And at MIWST, we build collaborative systems with your token or your favorite tokens, in a concept we like to call “grouphype”. 

  • money

    Index Governance Token

    Each index can have its own index governance token (or IGT) for participants to make community decisions.

  • safe

    Added Value Index

    MIWST will create index baskets that use already-functional tokens or tokens that have built-in utilities as governance tokens for the indexes.

  • moneybox

    Mother-Child DAO Governance

    MIWST.Finance serves as the governing DAO for creating index sets and turning any cryptocurrency into a governance token for custom index sets.

Investment Products

MIWST Finance Model

Technical Paper
  • Minting & Redeeming

    Users can easily mint and redeem index tokens by interacting with a dedicated smart contract.

  • Index Price Calculation

    The index level is calculated through summing up the assets and their weights, and creating a mathematical ratio with the previous time unit’s index level.

  • Asset Price References

    The price of each asset is defined by the moving average of the past 2 minutes. Data will be sourced from multiple exchanges and protocols to obtain a probabilistic price measure.

  • Rebalancing

    Monthly rebalances can be initiated by each index, with the IGT serving as the governance voting mechanism for proposals.